We Are The They: Fashion Has No Rules
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#WeAreTheThey was borne of Debzjs’s (wannabe princess) frustration at how many of us fats are referred to as “they” when people, such as the ridiculous Jamelia, spout off about how larger sizes  should not be met on the high street.

Last Wednesday we trended social media with #WeAreTheThey as small and large women posted showing the faces behind the dehumanising “they”. We proudly stod together and said NO. We said we deserve better than this.

Clothes may seem a fascile topic, but to those of us forced to only buy online, shop in specialist stores and pay more for what is often less fashionable and not as well made there is nothing superficial about it. We deserve to shop everywhere straight sizes can and be treated no worse because we are larger.

“Fat women can’t wear crop tops”


We Are The They and we don’t accept your rules.

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