Sketch London: The Glade
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My 30th birthday was last month and I’d decided months prior that I wanted to go to Sketch for afternoon tea with 5 or 6 friends. I spent months buying vouchers from them as I was paying for everyone in lieu of throwing a party, and with each arrival my excitement grew and on the day they did not disappoint.

IMG_9393 Their Glade Room is made to look like a forest with little lights built into the wall that sparkle as if fairies are flitting about.

IMG_9412 IMG_9428IMG_9422IMG_9421

The food was spectacular, everything I’d imagined and more. The sandwiches were my favourite, especially the wrapped pesto and mozzarella ones, because I prefer salty over sweet. An unexpected surprise is they refill all items upon request. We left stuffed and happy.

Many people aren’t aware they know of Sketch, until you show them the egg pod toilets. IMG_9424

I had an amazing time and would love to return and try one of their other rooms. It was definitely a treat, but a wonderful one. As someone who doesn’t do off the cuff but rather plans everything in advance, my dress was bought in April and is the Truly You Midi Floral Dress which sold out.




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