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Sitting Fat & Floral
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This has been my go-to dress for the past few months and is from Lovedrobe, although I bought mine in SimplyBe for £49. Not the cheapest but it is very well made and so beautiful.

But this post isn’t exactly about this dress, but about pictures of oneself sat down. I seem to be all about the not  as commonly done with this blog. I fully intend to have make-up and standard fashion looks but for now here is a more Fativism side of Fatshion.

I would generally keep camera phone type shots to the Fat Femme Fabulous Facebook page but as I sat in a Primark changing room last night, waiting for a friend to try on interview clothes so I could yay/nay them, I looked in the mirror and realised how few photos of fats sat down there are. How I myself am not a fan of seeing myself sitting and instead of the nipped in waist and and straight legs, you gets a squished tummy and lumpy calves. I look *gasp* fat.

lovedrobetrioHere’s an acceptable view of me in the dress, size 22, worn in the third picture with this sheer lime longline cardigan from ASOS, size 18, which seems sold out in all but small sizes. As usual, phone + changing room = saturation hell but you get the idea. Not really worthy of a blog post shot like this, but as I said that’s not my full intention.

Nope, my intention is to be sat down, lumps and bumps on show, without the glamour of a boudoir shoot. So silly faces aside, I’m really not a natural model, here I am sat down with everything  squished.satdown


If you’re wondering about the hair accessories, they are from Temptress of Waikiki, the little, flowery, sister of Pearls and Swine. The Lucky Money Cat clip was bought by me but would be re-made upon request and Teddy Bear Ear and Bow headband is still available as part of the special offers £10 or less which Bink does monthly.




  1. The dress is beautiful, you are beautiful, the colours are stunning and the cardigan *drools* . Put together beautifully x

    • I absolutely love this dress. I’ve been wearing it once a week and sometimes more! Saddened by the fact that soon it will need to go to the wardrobe in the sky as it is not very cold weather suitable until next Spring. :'(

  2. I hate how a dress that you can feel fabulous in when stood up suddenly goes tits up (literally & figuratively!) when you sit down. Loving your blog, keep up the good work lovely!

  3. arrgghh, I need that cardigan. I very rarely allow a pic of me sitting down. I’m too scared of my layers.

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