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Put Your Best Shoes Forward
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High heels can add elegance and style to almost any outfit (joggers will never look like anything other than joggers, no matter what your feet are shod in) and screw elegance they look fantastic! But the less you wear them the more daunting they become.

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Certainly that has been the case for me as I stare at them all, baffled by choice and fear. The fear coming from the inevitable pain that would happen in tripping and breaking an ankle after a long day. Anyone who says heels don’t hurt has long since lost feeling in their toes. Whilst it is true that £20 shoes often hurt worse than their £300 counterparts, you are talking on a scale that goes from OW to I WILL CHOP MY FEET OFF. Nowhere in the land of heels is there a magical, cloud like feeling.

My first challenge in this here new blog is simple: Start Wearing High Heels. I should add a very important caveat before we get too ahead of ourselves, and I am accused of false advertising, in that I will only be doing it for 2 out of the 5 workdays next week.

Still, I think after not wearing any heels in at least 6 months, if not closer to a year, twice in the same week deserves recognition. Perhaps some light applause and a short toast.

And it is worth noting that I work in a building site, although within an office it is still a built for purpose office not a true building. As such, the one which has metal stairs I would not feel safe in my heels, despite the fact that my heels are sensible with four and a half inches being the highest. Practically flats in todays platform sole world.



  1. High heels are definitely a pain but I’ve chosen to start wearing them for the office too. Not every day, but fairly often to try and get used to them. I just don’t get why they have to hurt so much!
    I have a fashion blog if you’d like to check it out: http://thegeekchickblog.com/

    • Dr Who and Harry Potter? Hooked already! 🙂

      I can almost deal with the pain if not the real fear of falling and breaking a bone. I blame my fiancé, who did just that in platform boots a decade ago, for making me realise this CAN happen!

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