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Pick and Mix
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I intended during Christmas, which seems so far away now as January has whizzed by, to shoot a whole host of clothes. Predictably I instead did very little, except eat vast quantities of everything and not get dressed more than necessary.

Last week I sought to fix things and capture these SimplyBe outfits (plus one from ASOS) and step-out of my clothing safety zone. Not everything, there were a couple of items that those who know me would call Classic Diana but several more out there choices. Some which worked and others that weren’t for me. I also worked on The Art of Posing – that is, tried various ways of standing about hoping posing becomes more natural to me.


The 3D Textured Cutout Dress is stretchy and has rococo patterns throughout. The cap sleeves fit my large arms comfortably but the sticking point are my sticky out hips. There is heavy emphasis on fat women loving their whole body but it’s not always possible to feel that way. I don’t dislike my hips for being fat (I used to) but I do dislike them for being uneven and wonky so for me, a thin, soft dress like this which doesn’t round them off isn’t a dress I’ll be keeping in my wardrobe. Yes embrace your body but also dress to make yourself happy. The shoes are Vivienne Westwood Melissa Anglomania Temptation – which had a thick ankle strap with a buckle but I – don’t judge me – cut it off. It fit but was uncomfortable to wear.

IMG_5255. IMG_5253.

Now this is more like me! Magenta Leopard Print which comes in different sizes depending on your bust. Despite wearing a HH/J cup, I always go for the E-GG type when I get these dresses. This one was a keeper and teamed with my Moda in Pelle pink, patent leopard peep-toe platforms.


This Emerald Sequin Bodycon dress was so, so heavy. Lifting it over to put it on practically made my arms ache! How could I resist sequins however? I wanted to feel like a mermaid but without the cumbersome fish tail; saying that, these Carvela sandals are as tricky to get around in as a tail, I would imagine. Sadly it’s very loose on the shoulders.


This Tapestry Skater Dress has to be my favourite of the lot. So much so I’m only mildly irked that the price has dropped so much since I bought it for £60. The dress is weighty and warm, well as warm as a short dress can ever be, with a V cut at the back. Since purchasing I have tried to wear this dress at least once a week and with Mary Janes they look adorable. The range of colours make accessorising it an easy task.

IMG_5221 IMG_5227 IMG_5233

I love contrasting textures so this PU Skirt with Metallic Snakeskin Top dress was one I was very excited to try on. It’s very 80’s, which is not one of my favourite decades, but leather or leather look is something I do not have enough of in my wardrobe. I don’t feel it worked that well on me and my style though. However, unlike the burgundy dress above I didn’t hate my hips in it. The top half was very light and the metallic parts did not make it scratchy at all. Plus, I have to say, this outfit gave me a range of poses and stances I was quite pleased with. Yes my legs do look dimply when crossed but that is how they look if I bend them that way, so why not capture that in a picture.

IMG_5285 IMG_5281

I admit, this final outfit is a bit left field and I have never before tried anything like this, but this Pink Paisley Playsuit was simply too cute to resist. It’s very plunging and as such not something I can wear to work, sadly, when it warms up because the design and structured cut of the top would otherwise be a great alternative to a dress. I also fell in love with these Gold Glitter Sunglasses that make for a perfect Spring/Summer look.



    • They were painful! So painful it’s why you gave them to me. I made them wearable, and they exist in that style that I made them into anyway so I didn’t even create a monstrosity.

      Do you ever wear your heeled ones?

      • Only if I’m going somewhere I’ll be sat down all night, and with flats in bag!
        That playsuit is divine, but I’d get away with it for work even less than you would…

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