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Parisienne Chic
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I was given a voucher from a lovely friend for ASOS, with the instructions to put it towards something I’ll love. With that in mind I went looking for another coat because I adore them! I never used to, coats were depressing things which made me look F A T. Poor coats, being blamed for years over something which is true regardless of wearing one and is no bad thing. All those times I was cold because of worrying about what stupid people might think! Such a waste.

This blush pink Dolly Coat is one I’ve had my eye on for months. Feminine and delicate it won’t get much wear as the weather has already began warming up; however, I will try and squeeze as much as I can before it truly becomes too warm.

front coat back coat

It goes perfectly with these Joe Browns Wide Fit Flowery Courts which I recently bought from SimplyBe. Sadly you can see from my photos that they are less pink and lean more towards nude. Always a risk with online shopping, which for plus size most of us are forced to do. Even being lucky enough to live in London you’re still stuck with 1/20th of a shop’s stock that actually fits. That’s depressing enough to make me often opt for online vs bricks and mortar. A big change from my teenage days and one stockists have forced on me now.

JB courts

It seemed rude to get a coat without a dress when I had another voucher to also use this Praslin Stripe Dress fit the look I wanted to achieve perfectly. Sadly in my mind this would be made of a mid-weight cotton that holds its shape, similar to a the Phase Eight Eton Stripe Dress from a few years ago and not a soft poly jersey.front stripe dress



  1. Stunning. I love the coat and the dress, and as always you look beautiful. You pull off the modelling poses like a pro too. *steals you and your clothes*

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