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Not the stuff you add to your ham and cheese sandwiches but the colour. I adore mustard, it is one of my favourite colours. It is my safe colour. Not because it flatters me or slims me (it does; it doesn’t) but because wearing it is like being wrapped in a happy cocoon.

I have a mustard coat (which bastarding moths chewed some of after only a few months of wear and requires some clever patching one of these days. Gutting) and a dress plus tops and jumpers.

IMG_5081I added one more item to my mustard collection at last weekend’s Fat Positive Cloths Swap. In fact, having expressed my love of mustard to anyone in it that I saw, it caught the attention of one lovely babe who near the end came to show me the top I’m wearing.

There will be an in-depth write up of the event later this week. Suffice to say though it was a big success and much kudos goes to everyone who attended, brought items to swap and of course to Kirsty Fife and the other organisers for a wonderful event that for me brought more mustard into my world, something I always appreciate!

Here’s a selection of current mustard items for you to also add to your wardrobes. Sadly those trousers only fit up to an 18 (and thus not me) but if they fit you, wear them. They are stunning.




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