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Leggings Virgin
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It’s true, I have never worn leggings before…until now! I’ve always found them to be something skinny girls wear and because I don’t wear long tops I feel a bit exposed trying them. I’m still not HELLO STOMACH happy. But Curiology Clothing‘s leggings are divine. Utterly so.


So here it is. Me, this morning, with my fat leg bent, like a casual model. Or alternatively first thing before work and coffee. Delete as desired.

side leggings

Here’s some “funfront leggings” out-takes where I showcase how difficult it is to not do ‘I feel daft’ faces when pictures aren’t selfies. The trick is to feel silly but to do it anyway. Right? That’s what I’m going with at any rate!

Coat: Asos last year but this one is a nice up to date dupe // Dress: One of the many styles of skater that Asos does // Leggings: Caged by Curiology Clothing // Shoes: Ultragirl Vivienne Westwood Cameo



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