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Latex and the Fat Girl
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Latex is still big news with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry having done their bit to move it – when it comes to those who do not attend the clubs where latex is the norm – from underground to talking points. These days, it is very common to see a celeb attending a red carpet event wearing an outfit that is less stage costume and more tailored couture. Even Topshop got in on the act in 2010 making it officially High Street wear.

A picture has been going around the internet today of Kim Kardashian wearing Atsuko Kudo.


It is not the first time Kim Kardashian has worn latex or AK and I would think nothing of it if not for AK’s own blog email that I received earlier today telling me:dbkOh no I don’t think so! Kim does indeed look bangin‘ in the latex, (that silver skirt isn’t to my taste, I’m not going to lie) but curvy in Hollywood terms actually means slim to the rest of us. No big news in that or that a slim woman, who has nicely rounded hips, looks good in latex. What AK have said does not debunk anything; it perpetuates that Bigger Women Cannot/Should Not Wear Tight Fitting Clothes (which is what latex is) unless they are the right kind of curvy. Slim with boobs and a butt is OK. Wear your latex and show your body with your long legs and a flat stomach. They could have simply written the email to praise her looks but not pretended this is anything but someone who is a small woman wearing their bodysuit.

DipticSo why the personal sting, you might wonder? Well, adoring clothes is hardly a big surprise for a fashion blog. A slight surprise before this piece might be that one of my favourite things is LATEX! As a fattie, I used to think it wasn’t for me. Latex clings and the one thing fat women are not supposed to show is our rolls and true body shape. Hide it, flatten it, disguise it: never celebrate it! Or so is the message. That said, whilst I have worn latex with regularity for 3 years, I confess to playing it safe a lot of times and dressing to flatter my body. There is nothing wrong with that but I know I also need to be a bit risqué occasionally and push the boat (and my stomach) out.

Latex is for everyone and looks good on everyone is my personal opinion. if it isn’t yours that is OK too, but I would hope you respect the right of people to wear it without ridicule. Atsuko Kudo are one of my favourite designers as they truly have AK looking like tailored couture (with the price to match but surprisingly not much more than other latex designers) and it saddens me that whilst they will make me pieces, as for any other paying customer, that still very much see curvy and larger as someone above a size UK6/US2. I shouldn’t be surprised, all their models are thin women but I would have preferred that it had remained unsaid.



  1. Hi, (sorry don’t know your name)

    Thank you for this very interesting article. I think it’s one of the most interesting pieces on this story on the web in a week where much of the coverage of Kim Kardashian’s look at the GQ Awards has been hysterical and completely disproportionate to what actually took place.

    Thank you too for your kind comments about Atsuko Kudo within this piece.

    However, I wanted to respond to your story as for me this is a very important issue (the perception of women’s body shapes in latex). In fact it is what we deal with every day of our lives at Atsuko Kudo. This is because we have customers of every possible shape and size coming to our shop and studios for fittings in latex. As well as requesting and fitting over the internet. And it is my mission to make every woman feel great when they are wearing the clothes and I hope they will feel empowered when they wear them.

    Whilst I totally agree with your points that a woman’s shape should not be relevant to the perception of her – the reality is very different. This is what we are also fighting every day.

    Kim’s stance here is clearly that of a woman of shape, she is celebrating it. It is being presented as gorgeous, glamorous fact. That is inspiring and we want to celebrate that inspiration. It is unfortunate that we live in a world which is totally shape obsessed but Kim’s moment in latex on the red carpet is extraordinarily positive precisely because of her shape.

    We do appreciate that for a significant number of women Kim’s shape is neither extraordinary nor even larger than average. She is perfectly normal. Curves on women are normal. This is what we wanted to highlight when we said that she is debunking myths about curvy women in latex. Not us.

    I also want to correct something you have mentioned about our sizing and how we view sizes through our range and charts. Where you have written that we consider someone above a size UK 6 as large – that is not at all correct. It is simply not true. We have specifically kept our size charts as they have been historically sized in the clothing industry for decades, so that for us a UK size 10 is classed as small.

    A size 6 we class as XXS (double extra small). We have done this on purpose – many brands these days have shifted their size ranges so that someone who is a small can be labelled as a size 6. We think this is disingenuous – because it is creating the sense that a size 6 is ‘normal’ when in fact it is very, very rare. It’s so rare it is actually not even on our standard size chart.

    Please view our standard size chart here. Where you see size S this is a UK 10, 12 is M, 14 is L etc.


    We have many women who come to us and say they are a size 6 or 8 in other brands’ clothes and they are often a little surprised when we tell them that they are a 10 or 12 in our sizes because we have kept the size charts the same and not shifted them.

    In any case size numbers such as 10, 12 and 14 etc. are just simply a guide for us to be able to supply correctly fitting clothes – the obsession with numbers and letters is not healthy because most people are not a standard size anyway and have bodies which vary within sizes and are all sorts of different heights, shapes and sizes. That is completely normal.

    It’s very important for me to point this out because your blog suggests that we are not doing this when in fact it has been a conscious and purposeful decision to retain historical sizings as described. This is so that we retain a very realistic perception on sizes.

    On a wider note what is truly amazing is the terrible, hideous negativity about Kim’s body shape which you will find all over the internet on this story and in particular those written on her own social media feeds. It really is almost psychopathic the way that many have responded to a woman with a female shape wearing latex on the red carpet. Sadly, the abuse is coming from both men and women.

    You are absolutely right to say that latex is for everyone and can look good on every one. This has been my mission for the past 14 years and I work on it every day. Latex can empower women and I am very proud to say that Kim wearing my clothes will empower more women who may not have thought they could wear latex previously and have been given confidence by her appearance. This is the feedback I am getting.

    We specifically wanted to mention that Kim has curves and that this is something to be celebrated because so many ‘haters’ out there seem to want to combine abject misogyny with stereotypes about fuller figures and even to add in ‘criticism’ about suitability for motherhood etc. In other words – tirades of abuse about what it is to be a woman of any kind. Ignoring this kind of insulting body dysmorphia will not make it go away.

    We did not suggest that we were de-bunking anything at all – we suggested that Kim was doing the de-bunking by simply being the woman she wants to be and the shape that she so clearly is. This is good news for anyone who wishes for a world of diversity, happiness and optimism.

    Thank you again for raising so many valuable points and I hope to be able to meet you one day and hopefully create some more latex pieces for you.

    Yours Sincerely

    Atsuko Kudo

    Atsuko Kudo
    Couture Latex Design

    Tel: +44 (0) 20 7700 4631

    64/66 Holloway Road, London N7 8JL

    • Dear Atsuko,

      I wanted to take the time to give your comment the reply it deserved and so I have made a post, including your own comment, rather than simply replying to you within this post. It is located here

      Best regards,


  2. oh my god, I love your latex looks. I’ve never worn it out of the bedroom, but you look amazing.

    • Funilly enough, I’ve never worn it in the bedroom! Too hot, sticky and annoying. For me it is for fashion only and therefore I will suffer the copious amounts of sweat that drips down.

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