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Kelly Brook for SimplyBe A/W 14
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This collection has been out a short while, although currently Ms Brook is not being talked about for this rather her trivial and downright disgusting views on domestic violence (which does not need to always involve physical violence) from her book and subsequent interview on This Morning.

One thing which strikes me from it is that on first look it is a very disjointed collection not a cohesive idea. It’s less collection and more a handful of clothes, many of which will not go together.

Kelly Brook for Simply Be _ Simply Be

I also note that, whilst SimplyBe is there for the curvy and the fat, the pieces here begin at size 10. Can’t us fatties get something that is just ours? We are not afforded the same selection the straight sizes get, so at least when there are special collections aimed at us, why do we have to share?

KBSB-jacket-trousers-on KBSB-jacket-trousers

The collection has a few pieces I really like, notably the leopard lapel jacket which along with it has been paired with red pvc trousers. I’m excited to see how I look in this when it arrives in a few days as I don’t do trousers!

KBSB-longsleeveThere is also a 50’s style, long sleeve dress which in the pictures the print isn’t very inspiring but I do like the style. And did I mention: SLEEVES! I’m not a fan of cardigans and having to pair them with dresses as the temperature drops is a drag, so I am willing to forgive the meh print and hope it is better in person.


And that’s about it. There are a few cute dresses, one in animal print with a matching front-panelled long pencil skirt. The rest is a mixture of some truly ugly pieces in the form of a jumpsuit that makes even Kelly looks oddly shaped, a tshirt, or blouse as they refer to it…, with lace sleeves, a fluffy top made from polymide and a series of fitted dresses that aren’t offensive nor are they inspiring.


All of which are far too expensive for what they are. If you were paying those prices as a size 8-14 you could easily buy higher end items, in natural fibres, but as a fat person man-made polyester is your lot. Perhaps once I have tried the items I have ordered I will feel more positive but as usual, as a fan of cottons and silks I’m left disillusioned again.




  1. I always find simply be to be too expensive. I feel ripped off at having to pay over the odds because I’m fat.

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