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Illamasqua – Once
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Illamasqua Once

For anyone who knows me this is no surprise, but ask what am I wearing in regards to make-up and the answer almost always contains Illamasqua. My collection is so large that I live in hope they one day create jobs, as seen by Avon originally, where you knock door-to-door because I would be all set.

Once, from the pictures leaked on social media, excited me. One thing the collections in the past year have lacked, for me, are new eyeshadows. Whilst lipstick is a newer love for me and blusher newer still, eyeshadow has and will always be my first love. Those dusky shades of drying leaves and dying roses with a Madame de Pompadour meets Belle from Beauty and the Beast made me certain I would love it!

Once Products

 I was wrong.

The blusher (Naked Rose) is a re-issue from 2012, which I am especially disappointed by. The main image shows an almost lilac shade from the flowers, this should have been their inspiration for the blusher! Nothing in the permanent selection exists like it and instead of a re-issue we deserved a brand new colour, in-keeping with the look whilst also pushing the uniqueness of Illamasqua compared to other brands


A brand new product is Vintage Metallix cream eyeshadows (Courtier, Bibelot and Embellish) in the most luxe packaging debuted by Illamasqua yet. They look utterly divine in the created looks; full of depth and an almost 3 dimensional feel that sets it apart from their Liquid Metal. If only the depth translated to the swatches I have seen from Lucy’s Stash and Just Nice Things. Instead, whilst they all look very sparkly, the colours are not popping out at me as they should be and just do not deliver.

The jewel in the collection, and an area Illamasqua rarely puts a foot wrong, is in the nail polish (Melange) because that does exactly what the eye (and to a lesser extent the easily forgettable lip) colours should have done. The colour looks exquisite on in the swatches and is one I cannot wait to, pardon the pun, get my hands on.

melange bottle

For another make-up house this would be a fine collection; for Illamasqua it misses the mark because I expect more.



  1. I LOVE Illamasqua. I am freakishly pale, and Illamasqua is the only brand that makes a shade that actually matches my skin. Disappointed these others didn’t live up to expectations…usually I associate this brand with such high quality products.


    • If you ever find Illamasqua doesn’t work for you any more, Prescriptives mix foundations to your skin tone for £40-45. I’ve not used it so I don’t know how it wears but the colour match appeals to me greatly!

      So far, the only thing I haven’t liked is their lipgloss. Too sticky and smells of sweets in a bad way!

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