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Honest Burgers
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I don’t usually (read: ever) post about food places I’ve been. There’s no big reason behind it rather that there are a lot of food bloggers doing it well and I’m usually too busy scoffing food to do much than snap a quick picture for Instagram.

However burgers are one thing I am usually not very excited by in the least. The premise of meat, bread, cheese, etc. seems like a great idea but usually the meat is so-so and I’m baffled as to why people rave about them. My partner however loves them and when I am not feeling inspired by anything I will order them and more often than not even if the burger is pretty good (there was a peanut butter one from Bobo Social which has made me want to smother Sun Pat crunchy over everything…) the chips are a let down. And few things are as insulting as ruining perfection.

Cue Honest Burgers blowing me away!


I had their Tribute which contains American cheese, French’s mustard, Bacon and Burger Sauce. The meat is juicy, as flavourful as a steak and the fries, oh god the fries! Crunchy, fluffy insides and lightly rosemary flavoured. Plus, it’s included in your meal so a burger and fries costs between £8-£11, which for London is damn reasonable.

I’ve gone from a burger twice a year to ordering 4 times in the last fortnight. I would have eaten more often than that but budgetary constraints meant I couldn’t.

I’m looking forward to payday on Thursday, guess what is for dinner…?


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