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High Heels Challenge: FAILED
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I failed. I hold my hands up as I fall to my knees begging forgiveness. OK, so perhaps I am feeling a touch melodramatic this afternoon and I blame the bleach smell floating around and causing the theatrics in me to pour out.

ʀᴇᴅ and ɢʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀʏ
(ᴍɪᴅ) ʜɪɢʜ ʜᴇᴇʟs ᴏɴ Wᴇᴅɴᴇsᴅᴀʏ

In my defence I was off work on Monday and I was due to work from home another day and I am off tomorrow. I will be wearing heels tomorrow but not to my day job and they will be these same shoes as I have a red and black outfit planned and about 4 hours on my feet, so I don’t think it really counts.

I eased myself in with not very high heels because I wanted to get through the day with my feet intact and my neck unbroken. These darling shoes, I have now owned for three years and unsurprisingly were bought for a Wizard of Oz party. That is not to say that I had not spent years and years looking for Dorothy shoes, I had. These are Clara Bow (in red glitter) from Schuh. Sadly discontinued as a style and I regret not buying all the glittered colours. A friend of mine wore the silver ones for her wedding two years ago but she is petite and I don’t believe a 6/39 like me so not point stealing buying them from her.


this may or may not fully represent my colleagues and I

No blue socks for me. I have seen the ankle sock movement come and go a few times and I haven’t hopped on board for fear of making my legs look fat. Because a small pair of socks clearly have magical powers, or perhaps my legs do to hide the fact they are fat. If I see some that I like I am ignoring the fear and buying some damned ankle socks! I do not think they will be blue, however; there is being inspired by a look and being a caricature of it.



  1. That was a fun party. Hey, I haven’t managed heels once this week…I’km going for fancy cocktails Saturday so maybe then

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