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GIVEAWAY: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and Subversion Lash Primer
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The first blog giveaway! How exciting! You could win an Urban Decay Perversion Mascara with Subversion Lash Primer Sample.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It’s easy, just click on the above, it will take you to the giveaway (can we all take a minute to celebrate despair how untechnologically minded I am, that this took over an hour to figure out and as yet I do not understand why the little box that should appear hasn’t and all you have is the link?!)

NOTE: The second entry via the FatFemmeFabulous facebook seems to take you you to facebook, require a login and THEN have you do it again! I’m sorry lovelies! There IS a giveawasy tab on the FFF page though just underneath the header picture. You can do your second entry from there, if you prefer. Technology, why must you thrawrt me?!

UDmasc1 UDmasc2As you can see you win a full size Urban Decay Perversion Mascara with Subversion Lash Primer Sample worth £17! (Full disclosure, mine came from Cohorted at below RRP. However it was purchased by me and is not being supplied by them.)

There will be a review of this item quite soon, too so you can see how it looks on.

Good Luck! And if you want to share, please do; I’d love to give my readership a boost!



  1. Awesome giveaway girl! Excited to check out the rest of your blog! Thought i’d let you know that your link on rafflecopter for visitng on facebook just takes me to the main facebook page so i couldn’t get a second entry <3 xx (Come check out my blog when you have time beauty <3)

  2. Thank you, have just found your blog & have spent some time reading the Kim kardashian post. You will have to join bloglovin so I can. Get updates!!

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