Geo Print – Outfit Fail
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Sometimes ideas that seem great turn out to be turds and this was, sadly, one of them. In my mind the geo print blouse with those orange red trousers were going to look fantastic.

It was annoying enough when due to the bank holiday and Hermes I did not receive anything until yesterday – and at the wrong address as I asked SimplyBe and ASOS to re-route both packages to my work, though luckily a neighbour was in – but it’s extra insult that it then looked so bad.

The top is great, I love it. The shoes are fine for what I need them, which is tan ones with a slight heel. My heart wants a big wedge type but I can’t walk in them and they hurt a lot when I try – stiletto, wedge, platform, block heel it’s all the same. The trousers however look more like a coral and I did not even bother to take more than an iPhone picture by my bed.


My face shows how pleased with this outfit I am…


I look like someone’s grandma on holiday in Las Vegas, and not the chic, slightly edgy babe I was aiming for. The trousers are already on their way back to SB, that’s how much I loathed them that I re-packed them right then and there.

I want to try the top and shoes with some white jeans but having come on today (and those on twitter will have seen me complaining that I’ve had to shove loo roll up my vag, as I was sure I wouldn’t need my cup just yet. Maybe by 35 I can start tracking my periods like a grownup?) that will need to wait a week.


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