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Fat Positive Clothes Swap & Fat Babes Eating
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I mentioned in my previous entry that I would do an update for the wonderful Fat Positive Clothes Swap held in London on 17 January. The event was hosted by Kirsty Fife and Claire Chattermonkey and as well as creating a positive space for fats to swap clothing there was also an altruistic side where business clothing was donated and collected for The Circle, who provide free feminine workwear.

I was running the cake stall which was daunting as an agoraphobe, as I struggle to be around groups of people usually. Added to the fact that as a fat person I am self conscious around food and that I was baking until 5:00am on the day of the swap, I was rather nervous. I didn’t need to be. Luckily, or perhaps brought about the 4 hour sleep, I was too tired to feel too mental and being surrounded by lovely plus size people made me feel ace.


Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying that an all sizes in a swap wouldn’t be great but it was also nice to have something that was just ours. Where those of us who have experienced fat shaming could feel safe in changing and eating without worry. That positive atmosphere really showed as everyone dove for clothes, all very politely but excitedly and complimented each other and happily changed in front of others (those not comfortable with doing this could change in the bathrooms and weren’t shamed in any way for doing so).


One common complaint that seemed to arise from other Plus Size Swaps is that the larger sizes don’t always have as much choice (as in life really) and as such Claire Chattermonkey contacted SimplyBe who sent some end of line stock in sizes 26+. With that in mind, having seen an ace stretch waist satin, flowered Evans skirt in a 28 near the end of the day I took it home. Because of where it sits on me (hips, with no stretch) it needs hemming as it is too long, so I am taking it back to the next swap. As a 20/22 I have a much larger choice than a 28 so it doesn’t feel right to amend an item that would fit a larger size perfectly.

I found some lovely items myself in between cake selling. Clothing and accessories, and that jumper got my most goofy grin of the day. PINK LEOPARD MUPPETS! Perf.


As the afternoon wore on I thought how fabulous it would be to take pictures of fat babes eating. Fat babes eating CAKE! Yay them! <3


The next event is in March and I urge anyone who is in London to come on by, a great afternoon will be had by you.



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