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Fat Ink
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Tattoos have been embraced fully by fat women in the last 10-15 years. The pin-up style adopted by many, with the cinched waist and free size skirts and dresses suiting those who are apple, pear and hourglass shapes. Better still, eschewing things which suit their shape, code-word for makes you look less fat, there are true pin-ups in bathing suits or skimpy outfits gloriously and proudly showing off their rolls.


henna and pregnant lady not a tattooed fat stomach

Fat arms with with bingo wings are tattooed, large calves inked but three places seem to remain, in the main, free of colour: arse, hips and stomach. I’m sure they exist, but are not as readily found the way flabby arms, which we are told to hide, have been claimed back with a rainbow’s worth of colour.

My own tattoos have been placed in locations where weight gain or loss would not affect their looks and quality (wrists and back).


It seems whether consciously or not, we still shy away from certain places and it is hard to not associate the lack of tattoos in those areas as having nothing to do with an expectation of weight change.

Of course, those who expect to give birth might naturally shy away because they already know their stomach will change. However, many of us and myself included will not be doing that and yet we still hold back.

I do not expect to be brave enough to ever tattoo my own stomach, I admit, but after coming across the very beautiful line work I think I really want to have similar done.

My own bottom is bigger, fatter (the woman pictures is curvy rather than fat) and dimplier but I think it would look rather beautiful covered in flowers.



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