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Cohorted July Beauty Box
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Earlier this year Cohorted launched their Beauty Boxes which for £19.99 come in a sleek black, luxe box and contain mystery items with an RRP many times over the price of the box.


July’s offering was no different and I have been lucky to be gifted by a friend July and August for my birthday last month.


Featuring items from St Tropez, Gucci, Nails Inc. and a full palette from Diego di Palma I don’t feel this box hits as many desirability points as previous boxes. It is quite hit-and-miss to include a fragrance based cream and relies on your audience all being fans of that smell. For another this is not an item you can individually buy and it seems like a cop-out from Cohorted to put something that you usually get in a gift set. Similarly in feeling they did not consider July as much as previous months’ boxes, St. Tropez Gradual Tan really is a strange one to include because it will have little to no use for anyone who is not Caucasian.


The red ‘Gatwick‘ Nails Inc. polish is the same quality you’d expect from this brand. One thing I really enjoy when it comes to matte polishes is that due to their thickness I find them easier to apply as the drying time is usually much shorter.

My favourite item was the palette by Diego Dalla Palma, a brand I was completely unfamiliar with who seems to sell via M&S primarily in the UK. It was based on Snow White and the Huntsman though which is a film from 2012 so again, it feels as if this box was a little cobbled together. However, I love me a good palette and these shades all create a soft, smoky feel whilst the red lipstick and black eyeliner really captures the imagery on Snow.

CohortedBox Palette

I did, despite my less than glowing review like this box but Cohorted have to remember that each box has to be as fantastic as the last and mixing lesser known brands with famous ones is fine but that means the products need careful consideration to ensure inclusivity and keep the luxurious factor in place.


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