Clothing Rut
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I get frustrated a lot by the same old. It happens with food where I suddenly can’t stand any of the food I previously used to eat, it happens with my yo-yoing from wanting to go out more to never being happier than when I am home. And it happens with clothes.

I look at my overflowing wardrobe feeling sick and tired of the same old brightly coloured, sequin spattered, glittered clothes and wishing to look grown up.

LLThat isn’t to say I want to look like Laurel Lance with the never ending, hideous, grey workwear CW insist on putting her in.


It does mean however that all the times I want to feel polished because of retailers reluctance to cater to size fat, I’m instead either choosing something bright or just throwing on a jersey dress I yank over my head and be done with it. Feeling limited doesn’t inspire me and by extension it doesn’t inspire me to make posts.


Autumn for me is all about touch: Furs (faux), silk, wool, velvet, leather and suede. All these tactile fabrics making me snug whilst still looking like a High Fashion Luxe Bitch (whereas in Spring I want to look like a beautiful nymph in floaty pastels). Or so I wish. If you’re fat, you might get a little cotton and some fur if you’re able to pay a little more (think Navabi who are wonderful but also think designer prices) and enjoy your 1 leather biker jacket and 1 suede coat but otherwise you’re in for polyester e v e r y t h i n g.

Poly is one of the most unpleasant fabrics you can touch. Beware the naked flame lest you go up like kindling, I often joke. In reality, I feel like I’m the joke. From the shops who won’t feature my size (i.e. almost all of them) to the ones launching new curve ranges of ugly crap (hello Dorothy Perkins Curve) to old faithful (step up Simply Be) where I *need* a credit account to shop because things cost easily a third more than a thin persons shop and are half as fashionable.

What am I wearing today? A washed 100 times, black jersey dress. What do I wish I were wearing? A silk blouse, leather pencil skirt (ideally patent) and being as this is a fantasy, stiletto heels (realistically though flats).

It takes a lot of effort to made do and mend and lately I don’t have the energy to plaster an outfit I’m only so-so about.


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