Casually Out of this World
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I’ve previously spoken about how trousers are my equivalent of A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Fat, Far Away yes there will be as many space and alien type puns as I can fit in. I’m not sorry in terms of the last time I wore them. Throughout my teenage years I never went near a skirt, now  crave them like Gallaxhar craves Quantonium still not sorry.

These ASOS trousers though have been ones I would go back to again and again. They just looked so soft that despite no love lost with trousers I needed them.

Casually Out of This World



As I work half a day on Fridays, I knew I could test my boundaries but feel safe that I was not at work for a full day. The green lends itself well to me remembering a never worn collar from Sugar and Vice. Add a bangle scoured from a previous Fat Swap and presto-chango, a Regenerated me stepped out feeling scared but babely.



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