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Beth Ditto Leigh Dress
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A few weeks ago, after excitedly awaiting for months, the Beth Ditto S/S16 range launched and the lady herself appeared in Selfridges where the range is being sold in the UK.


There were a lot of familiar faces within the London Fat Babe blogging world there and Beth herself is warm, friendly and just super nice.

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I am absolutely squealing @marybethditto #dittoxo

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I admit, it’s been a long while that I’ve been in a shop and tried clothes on and having seen someone I knew, along with their friend, we picked a bunch of outfits to try on. We had a film montage moment with each stepping out of our changing rooms, posing and all around being sassy.

In the new @marybethditto collection #dittoxo

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The Leigh Dress that I tried on was one I had been eyeing since the website launch. It looks awful belted but looked stunning on Beth in the Lookbook pictures so I had faith. And was rewarded for it. The 2X I have on swamps me a bit as it is so roomy. In the end I bought the 1X


A photo posted by Diana (@fatfemmefabulous) on Feb 29, 2016 at 3:30am PST

Having seen Beth wearing it, I also tried on the silk double bubble dress knowing full well I couldn’t afford it. But when in Rome, as they say…try on as much as you can – I think it’s one of those sayings which is lost in translation or something and made more sense back in 100BC.

Fat people aren’t usually afforded being part of the shapeless trend, we must try and accentuate smaller bits of ourselves (by hook or by crook, if you don’t have an hourglass shape. Belt it. Squeeze it. Hide it).

The necklace I spotted on a post by IKIWN and knew it would pick out the orange in the dress beautifully. I was right.

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