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Aveda Spa Treatments
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I don’t usually write ~lifestyle~ entries, namely because I rarely go anywhere of any interest but fat girl spa-ing I imagine is much rarer than our thin counterparts and a place where I don’t feel judged for my size, as I have in other such places, is Aveda.


I have been going to the Aveda Institute Covent Garden since 2008, when a then friend’s company was hosting the launch party for Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book and invited me to attend. I had dirty hair and worked in Tottenham Court Road, so after work I hot-footed it to every salon within walking distance for a hair wash. Aveda was the only place available but they charged so much for a wash and blow dry (over £35) that I got a cut too to justify it (I believe it was just below £60, however as my stylist has gone from stylist to stop stylist, to master director to creative director so has the price shot up).

I don’t talk about it much but I have a very bad back, amongst a host of other health and disability problems so when I can, I get a massage. Sadly, the pain has been so intense lately that I have begun a regime of twice weekly massages for the past month, which is helping. 30 minutes costs £56, which is not cheap (and is cutting into my budget) but I really do leave feeling better. In my case I go because it relieves pain but they also do more relaxing treatments. Frankly if I were a lady of leisure I would spend most of my days downstairs at their spa having a whole range of treatments.

The spa is located at the back and downstairs of the salon. I don’t know what kind of insulation they have but as soon as you are through the doors the hustle and bustle dies down and you are led to a quiet waiting area. They do a complementary tea which I find divine and always prefer when am early and can enjoy a cup or two.

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In most salons I have gotten massages from, they have a somewhat flimsy table that you lay on. At Aveda it is sturdy, made from a dark wood to match the rest of their furniture, with sumptuous covers; overall, the room and feel is very luxe. When I have an hourly massage I also take them up on a foot wash and rub which leaves me feeling like a pampered princess.

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