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Sexy Latex Girl
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Josselin Guichard Photography

Do we remember my previous Latex Post? Within it, I talked about how I was playing it safe with my latex at times; that as much as I love to wear it I still choose flattering cuts and styles. And why a lot of my items are home-made or custom owing to the fact that not only is off the peg not always my size – Westward Bound is the exception as everything comes in sizes 6-26 as standard (and any size you like custom but for a higher cost) – but because most ready-to-wear styles are tight and revealing. I appreciate that Westward Bound’s sizing still doesn’t cover the higher end of fat, but it is better than Libidex’s XXL (18-20…apparently. I can tell you it fits more like large 16).

Throwing safety out of the window, I went with the below
for my latest outing at Torture Garden last weekend!

IMG_4050 IMG_4046 IMG_4042

I’ve wanted latex stockings for a long time and have tried a few but even when I can get them on the effect is still the same: sausage casing. Enter the amazing Lady Lucie. I’ve met Lucie a few times owing to mutual friends and my first items came by way of eBay so I already knew what fantastic quality her items were. I talked through with her, when being fitted for a dress last year, that latex stockings looked stunning but weren’t for me and she assured me a custom sized pair was what I needed. She was right and I loved how I looked.

The one big downside to my night which made me feel bad fat was when asking one photographer (the pictures above were taken before the event as it is a no photograph night, except for official photographers) if he could take a photo of me, was having him stall for several minutes then turn away and start to talk to a slim girl he had previously shot. That is not the fault of the club at all (if I were not such a big fan of Torture Garden, I would not work for them, after all!) but is down to that one, individual buttface. Unfortunately, his attitude did mean that despite knowing other photographers at the event, one of them is even a casual friend of mine, I did not feel up to asking anyone else to capture my night.

That one person’s opinion and actions did dim my shine a little, it’s true but his negative attitude isn’t stopping me from dressing like this again and asking other, professional, photographers to snap me. And as for latex stockings? I want them in every colour!

Corset: Longline Corsets-UK Fuschia Satin Underbust (this is a suitable alternative) // Bra: Freya Marina // Suspender Belt: Westward Bound Deep Lace-Up in Pearsheen Purple and Vibrant Pink // Latex Stockings: Lady Lucie custom // Ice Crown Headdress: Temptress of Waikiki // Shoes: Old Evans Patent Round Toe Mid Heels

Last but not least, I have picked the winner for the Perversion Mascara Competition. CONGRATULATIONS CHRISSI LEWISWINNER



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