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NEW YEAR OLD YOU PART 2 aka If You Aren’t Fat Read This
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I spoke yesterday about trying to make 2017 the year you accept yourself, and that next I wanted to go into why your desire to be fit (be honest, you don’t want to be fit but still look like a size 26 with an overhanging stomach – aka me – you mean look slim and toned) harms others and why we all have a role to play in fatphobia.

When you type in ‘desirable women’ into google images, you are presented with thin women (mostly white and if not, light skinned) exclusively. The bombardment you feel inhabiting your not fat body is felt a thousand fold by those of us who live in fat bodies (with the addition of bad medical care as doctors diagnose everything with it’s BC UR FAT, statistically we are less employable and lower paid and abused for our size among maaaany other things).

We are all desirable

That doesn’t mean creepy men oogling you, I look at me and I feel desirable (now; prior to 28 I described myself in this horrible sentence: nice face, great tits shame about the body) and your body is too.

“Why is that my problem, I just want to be a size 12 or lose a stone”, why is anything anyone’s problem? Because society is about caring for those more marginalised than ourselves. Because the same way I will go to bat for you my friends, I would hope you do the same for me.

If you insist on wanting to be “fit” for January (fyi, yo-yo dieting makes you gain more weight, which I know for you is terrible and your opposite goal, but also is more unhealthy than just being fat and steady overall) keep it to yourself. Stop posting about how GOOD you’ve been eating a salad for dinner and joining the gym. You’ve not been good, you’ve just eaten a salad or done some cardio. That’s all.

Grow or shrink your body without telling the Internet about it. If you just care about your health then there’s no need to talk about it now, is there?

That’s how you can do what you want without harming me: quietly.


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