Personal Style with Curve vs Straight
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I played a game earlier, as I often find myself wondering how much of what I wear is a true representation of the fashion I love vs having to make do. Everyone has had failures in finding clothes they like and feel good in but fat women have published the book. And poor fat women were the ones who set up the publishing agency.

There is a huge difference also in limitations we place on ourselves (I won’t wear camisoles as I dislike bra straps and won’t go braless) and the ones placed on fat people by there simply being Less Choice or subpar representations of trends.

I avoid looking at straight size clothes because it’s crushing to see things you want but cannot have but just this once, just for today, I looked through the What’s New on ASOS. 463 items and I narrowed it to brands offering a 16 and 18, allowed to only add to my basket what I would wear. It took 0 time to find lusted after items, all that in some way go with each other I saw when I later analysed.

It wasn’t as easy and there was not as much excitement when I combed through all 1500 plus/curve pieces (not just what was new) and did my best to avoid our Cold Shoulder Overlords and their new pal Cullotes (neither notable trends in the main range). The pleated satin skirts, for example are only there because I wanted them last year when the straight sizes could pick them in every colour. Dusky pink and soft fabrics are a main theme but overall there isnt much crossover. Plus clothing is often more slouchy to accommodate poor cuts whereas my main range items are all quite fitted and not tailored but certainly formed.

Isn’t that the problem with ‘fast fashion’? Nope, it’s never a problem for straight sizes. A lack of understanding and working with bigger sizes in the pattern cutting and design stages is to blame.

I don’t feel any clearer. I had hoped to have disproved my hunch but I just cemented it.



  1. I see this all the time and it’s clearly been an ongoing frustration for fat women for a very long time. Being a size that can sometimes shop the higher end of a straight range – depending on the brand – I get away with skirting round the edges of it sometimes, but often the bigger sizes are barely stocked, never restocked, or just don’t exist in the styles you want. It’s completely unfair and brands need to recognise that fat women should be catered to as equally as thin women!

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