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Kristen Stewart Elle September 2016
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There are 2 distinct groups when it comes to Kstew; those of you who call her monotone and bland, and those of us who see her as the true Goddess that she is.

The pose above looks quite relaxed and causal, yes? Nothing about recreating it was, believe me! I’m quite stiff and awkward but even so I couldn’t raise my legs, cant my hips at AND lean on my elbow. There was 4″ gap between my arm and the grass!

Being the genius that I am, I grabbed Lottie L’amour‘s bag and hid it under her Elvi Mac, as worn here in an outfit shoot by this beautiful angel/angle.



  1. Yes!! I love this!! The look is everything, I’m so excited to see what look you’re going to recreate next. x

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