Chloe Sevigny Absolut Vodka Recreated
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Chloe Sevigny is this goddess who I can’t help but search out and watch everything she is in. I wanted to start with a classic in style advert but sadly since losing my job 2 weeks before Christmas out of nowhere, my lofty desires to rent a hotel room for Lottie L’amour to shoot me and have a girly day went down the pan.

Not ones to be deterred, we went to Brunswick Square in Kings X to do a few looks; due to working at Torture Garden, I am used to changing in public (can I just say how exhilarating and ace it becomes when you don’t care about being undressed around people). Bit cold mind you, to do it in a December afternoon.

Lottie’s eye is so good; I am so proud of her. I have worked with a few professional ‘togs before and to be honest, they did not have the enthusiasm and willingness to give direction.

I have to be honest, my preferred version is the colour copy. The purple in my new hair looks stunning, if I do say so myself.


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