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Big Florals ft Joanie Closet and Wolf and Whistle
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I know I am moving toward an advert and editorial in size fat replication for the blog: However, sometimes a look will be so fabulous I need to document it beyond my instagram. I do wot I want.

Joanie Clothing is a fairly new brand who previously stopped at 22 but have expanded to a 26 recently. I really think as their popularity grows, so will their sizing and as their clothes are very well made, super affordable and beautifully feminine this is only a good thing. I came across them as a pal of mine Em, over at, models for them and so she is to blame for my wardrobe being like a boutique Joanie. #sorrynotsorry

Another brand I also look like I sell a concession for is Wolf & Whistle, and whilst I’ve never dealt with their marketing team I always find they really appreciate their plus customers on social media; they regularly like and comment on my pictures, and they even featured me on their instagram a few months ago.

Floral, especially double floral is said to not be easy to mix. I say, as long as it is pleasing to your eyes, who cares. I love the way the pinks in the blouse is picked up in the flowers of the skirt but even if there was no cohesive thread throughout the outfit, if it makes you happy: wear it!


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