A New Direction
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So what does this mean? Well I have to confess that high fashion is the bread and butter that I visually consume. I have designed several collections over the years; starting with mood boards and going as far as sourcing fabric (side note: even tiny samples of certain silks cost double digits! it was not a cheap hobby).

And yet whilst I love couture, couture does not fancy me back. It’s ticked the little no box and returned the slip of paper with an added sentence that it thinks I am ugly. But why shouldn’t I also see bodies like mine lounging around an editorial shoot. You may have recently seen Buzzfeed’s Plus Size Women Recreate Fashion Ads, which goes to show if you have an idea don’t sit on it for 4 months like I did, and that is essentially the way things are going.

I recently got rid of 2/3 of my clothes (and it still left an entire wardrobe of what I will wear…) so I could enjoy what I wore and I certainly have no desire to get back into where my cramped life was before. This is less buy more and more utilise and stylise.

My next step is create a list of which ads I want to re-create and get shooting. I aim to have content this year, but I am also not pushing myself if it doesn’t happen. We all know December is a tough time to get anything done but drink and eat. Which I will be doing in abundance.



    • I am shooting with Lottie L’amour this sunday. So hopefully I will have some ad content to post later this month. Eeek! 🙂

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