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Autumn Femme: Red Berry
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So like any well adjusted person I can flip from bored to excited with very little behind it.

Autumn Femme / #AutumnFemme is my new raison d’être. It’s a mixture of Power Bitch, which Christina McMc and Bethany e x c e l  at, and my own love of pretty things. Essentially, it is a polished, grown up but very feminine version of NYC Rich Lady; the kind who has no concept of washing her own hair because it gets “blown out” 3 times a week, who wouldn’t dream of having fluff on her clothes (I will do my best) and looks beyond anything else: immaculate.

Sadly, for now, that includes hitting up my SimplyBe account like it’s Monopoly money because I have none of the cold hard green to hand to shop elsewhere (those of you who know me from other media will have seen the past 5 weeks have been very hard for me with my beloved pet rats having had a number of health issues and 4 passing. With that comes great cost and I have spent nearly £1k in a month). I do hope to adds some pieces from other locations once money is less of an issue and I’ve paid that SimplyBe credit account a bit.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Dress: Unique 21 Hero at SimplyBe


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